We’ve cut the clutter you find in other analytics applications and packed Reinvigorate with the features you need to gain the advantage in today’s real-time web.

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  • Real-time, Active Tracking

    Real-time, Active Tracking

    See site activity as it happens on your live auto-updating dashboard. Gone are the days of waiting hours or even days for your stats!

  • The Hottest Heatmaps

    The Hottest Heatmaps

    Not getting the clicks you want? Evaluate your interfaces with the ‘hottest’ heatmaps in the business and say goodbye to dead spots for good.

  • Desktop Delivery with Snoop

    Desktop Delivery with Snoop

    Are you a stats freak? With desktop Snoop, you’re never far from your stats. Get dinged every time you have a visitor, sale, user signup and more.

  • Know Your Visitors with NameTags

    Know Your Visitors with NameTags

    We know it's kinda creepy, but NameTags let you identify your registered users and have visibility into their habits and site usage.

But Wait... There’s More!

  • Granular Graphing

    Granular Graphing

    A new scalable graphing engine gets granular with customizable displays and trend curve analysis.

  • Monthly, Daily or Hourly?

    Monthly, Daily or Hourly?

    Monthly, daily, hourly breakdowns of nearly every statistical point in the system updated in real-time.

  • Detailed Visitor Reporting

    Detailed Visitor Reporting

    Visibility down to the visitor level provides an unmatched look into how your site is being used.

  • Active Visitor tracking

    Referral Tracking

    Track your referred traffic in real-time, adjust your content to suit your traffic sources.

  • Regions and Timezones

    Regions and Timezones

    Get a global view of where on the map your users come from, and the time of day they like to browse.

  • Page-Level Details

    Page-Level Details

    Detailed statistics for every page on your site lets you tailor your content based on its popularity.

  • Globally Distributed Tracking

    Globally Distributed Tracking

    We CDN your tracking code so your sites will load faster and your users will love you for it.

  • Active Visitor tracking

    Easy Implementation

    Just a bit of code under your site's footer + a configurable plugin available for WordPress.

  • Active Visitor tracking

    More to come...

    Mobile apps, ajax tracking, campaign links, HTML5 graphs and more are all on the roadmap. Stay tuned!