The Reinvigorate System:

  • What does “real-time analytics” mean?

    Many of the most popular web analytics applications make you wait hours, or even days in some cases to see your latest statistics. With Reinvigorate, we track in real-time, so you can see what's happening on your website as it happens.

  • How do heatmaps work?

    Unlike many other heatmap analytics providers who track only a small sample of clicks, our powerful heatmap engine tracks every click your users make and generates a heatmap overlay that helps you identify the strongest and weakest points of your interface, allowing you to quickly make adjustments.

  • What is “Snoop”?

    Snoop is the reinvigorate desktop application that allows you to stream active-user analytics information directly to your desktop. It can be configured to notify you of pageviews, purchases, user registrations, blog comments and more.

  • Will Reinvigorate cause my website to load slower?

    We serve our tracking scripts from a Content Delivery Network with 18 redundant points of presence around the globe. This means that the code is geographically closer to your site's users, drastically reducing load times.

  • What reports are included with 'Freebie' accounts?

    Basic Stats included with all accounts consist of:

    Traffic Reports
    Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Weekday:
    Unique Visitors
    Return Visitors
    View Depth
    Referred Traffic
    Referring Sites
    Referred Searches
    Referred Visitors
    % Referred Visitors
    View Depth
    Visit Length
    Average time spent on a page
    Average time spent on your site
    Bounce Rates
    Entry Pages
    Page Summary
    Traffic summary overview
    Traffic summary report for each page tracked
    Visitor Reports
    Recent visitors
    Browser report
    Platform/OS report
    Screen Resolutions & Aspect Ratios
    Regions report
    Languages report
    Timezone report
    Search & Referrer Reports
    Recent referrers
    Referred Visitor details
    Referred searches
  • What reports are included with paid accounts?

    Paid users receive the following in addition to basic stats:

    Live Site Activity
    Active visitors breakdown
    Detailed activity for each visitor
    Session ID/NameTag
    IP Address
    Pages viewed
    Time spent on site
    Time spent on page
    Active pages report
    Visitors actively viewing the page
    Share compared to other site pages
    last access of the page
    Live Real-time Dashboard
    Active visitors
    Active pages
    NameTagged Visitors
    Hourly Traffic
    Daily traffic projections
    Four different heatmap filters
    Search & Referrer Reports
    Realtime Top referrers
    Realtime Search keyword report
  • Can I use Reinvigorate for free?

    All of our plans come with a 14-day free trial with full system access. We also offer a feature-limited freebie plan that provides basic stats (listed below) that never expires.

  • I have a lot of traffic, is Reinvigorate right for me?

    Big traffic, small traffic, it's all the same to us. Reinvigorate was built to handle tracking sites with very little to massive amounts of traffic, so lay it on us!

  • Do you have an API?

    Not yet! API development is definitely on the roadmap, but we don't have any definitive release or technical information at this time.

Implementation Questions:

  • How do I install Reinvigorate?

    After signing up and adding a site, you'll be taken to the tracking code pickup area. All you have to do is place the small snippet of code before the close of the BODY tag on each page of you'd like to track. WordPress users have it even easier with a plugin that automatically configures popular Reinvigorate features.

  • Where can I find the WordPress plugin?

    The WordPress plugin can be found in the "Tracking Code" area of your account.

  • Do I need a programmer?

    Most users have no problem getting up and running if they even have a novice-level familiarity with html or web scripting. Should you require a programmer to install the tracking code, it should only take a few minutes.

  • Do NameTags work by default?

    NameTags require a small bit of setup with some additions to the tracking code snippet. Detailed instructions are available within your Reinvigorate account.

Billing Questions:

  • Can I pay with PayPal?

    Not at this time. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We have plans to add Paypal in the very near future.

  • Is there a contract?

    No. You are free to cancel anytime. If you choose to cancel your account will remain active until your current billing period ends, and billing will stop. Another great part about Reinvigorate is that you never have to cancel. Should you decide you want to downgrade from a paid account, you can switch to 'Freebie' mode and retain your past stats data.

  • Will I be billed if I go over my Pageview limits?

    No. We understand that the web sometimes results in large bursts of traffic. If you're on Oprah and your pageviews go through the roof for a month, it's cool. We think its kinda weird to punish people for being successful. If you should exceed your pageview limits for more than 2 months, we'll notify you via email with upgrade recommendations.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Not yet, but we're looking into some great options for affiliates and resellers that we'll be talking about in the near future.. Stay tuned to our blog for news on this topic.

  • Do you have a partner program?

    We are always looking for partners who think real-time analytics add value to their users or applications. If you're interested in pursuing a partnership, please contact us.